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Take a ride on the Cyberpunk Express train

science & technology
8 Mai 11:15 - 12:15
60 Minuten


A fast talk through the past, present and future of CyberPunk, science fiction and popular culture and learn how Cyberpunk fiction inspired the reality of hacker culture today, why hackers are heroes, too, and how more women can be inspired to follow in the footsteps of infamous hacker ladies of fiction.


Whether new to hacking and the security industry, or you've been at it since the Heyday of blue box phreaking and 2600 magazine, In this talk you will learn about the science fiction themes that gave birth to the present era, its cyberspace subcultures, inhabitants and its discontents.

Uncover the origins of Sci-fi that breathed life into the cybernetic future vision – which in turn became a reality. Learn how Hackers became Heroes, discover the true story of the original "Red Pill" and how Hollywood's Hackers paved the way to the present era of cyber conflict – and what does the future of hacking hold?