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Open Data & Culture - Creating the Cultural Commons

6 Mai 14:00 - 14:30
30 Minuten


Overview and goals

Open data is gaining considerable attention within political, organizational, scientific and citizen communities internationally. As awareness of open data grows in those spaces, it has also grown in the cultural heritage field. More data is being made available online, free for the public to reuse. The attention and interest that open data is garnering has led to a number of questions by cultural organizations: what are the benefits and challenges for both institutions and society of open cultural data? How do institutions open up in an effective way? During this session, will answer these questions, and more. It will examine the concept of open data, the process behind sharing data & content, the implications, and inspiring case studies from around the world.

Workshop goals include:

  • Quick overview of the OpenGLAM initiative and its mission
  • Explanation of how open data can be beneficial for cultural institutions and society
  • Examples of use cases and potential project ideas, coupled with steps to take action 
  • Addressing issues and concerns that GLAMs have regarding open data sharing (i.e. copyright, abuse of data, financial & technical investment)