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Nodes and tools for collaboration - Documenting the Maker Movement

business & innovation
6 Mai 14:00 - 14:30
30 Minuten


The open-source movement has proven, that building upon existing ideas
and projects, and sharing specific and actionable knowledge is a crucial element for innovation, collaboration and progress. And a genuine place where this happens today are TechHubs, open workshops, maker and co-working spaces. These hubs can function as 'centers for collaborative innovation' by providing the tools and means for collaboration and the entry points to existing and relevant networks for both hobbyists and professional makers to access skills, resources and even capital.

These places, however, are typically regional institutions, and often
limited in scale, focus, and reach. The question is: How can these
facilitators promote synergies and provide makers and soon-to-be
entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and partners they need, to take
the next steps? And how can they make use of the networks, tools and
technologies, that we have today?

In this workshop we are to explore common needs and available tools for
these hubs to allow for efficient collaboration and networking for
hardware makers and startups. And we will look for common hurdles and
challenges that makers encounter when trying to collaborate today. We
will ask ourselves what this means for hardware entrepreneurs and
tinkerers who deal with practical knowledge and skills as well as with
specifications, designs and applications of hardware products. How can
practical knowledge be documented and shared in a way that allows others to build upon it? Does documentation mean digitization? And if so, how do we get back to analogue at the end of the day? Do we even need a hardware-programming-language, just like we have it in software? Well, let's find out.