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New Open Cities Challenge: Managing large tourism flows

business & innovation
8 Mai 11:45 - 12:15
30 Minuten


Presenting the new Open Cities App Challenge.


Open Cities are launching their final round of the Challenges, promoting open innovation at the cities and citizens involvement.

Using the more than 2000 datasets opened up by the cities during the project life and the new Hack-At-Home platform introduced, the project challenges will evolve around the problems that big EU cities face related to the management of large tourist flows.

Following this new process, developers from all over the world will be guided on transforming their ideas into full working and sustainable apps with the constant help and mentorship of a set of experts in the area of tourism and open data. We present here the details of this new competition that is just starting and the great opportunities for all developers behind it!


Presented and curated by Open Cities.