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Music Recommendation - From Peel To Peer: Curatorial Models

7 Mai 18:00 - 18:30
30 Minuten


Music recommendation is an essential part of the music business. Artists like Trent Reznor have started to get involved in music disovery systems and talk of "Intelligent Curation". It might be time to envision a more emotional, i.e. relationship based approach to recommendations.


Are we entering the age of "intelligent curation"? Just like the distribution of music has undergone fundamental changes in the last 15 years, so has the culture of music recommendation.

The development of recommendation engines is an essential aspect of online retailers and music platforms, while social media has all but replaced traditional media as the dominant recommendation channel, resulting in a new ecology and economy of taste making.

Where once individual gatekeepers and institutions like radio stations and magazines’ editorial boards battled out hitmaking hegemony in the market with record labels’ marketing departments and advert-driven promotion, today the supposedly free flow of information on social media platforms is indeed dependent on the respective set of rules and manipulating algorithms employed by the new influencers.

In terms of music sales, i.e. the market for music it is the personal recommendation though that is essential, opening up questions on the validity of all that data processing and shining a positive light on today’s prosumer culture, where instead of the singular gatekeepers of yesteryear you have a community of enthusiastic bridgebuilders essential for getting music and artists a supportive audience.

But how far is this new age of recommendations based on relationships already a reality in today's music ecology?

We take a look at the current state of the art including and their Piki App,, The Hype Machine and Beats Electronics' "Daisy" project.

Christian Tjaben (music journalist, DE)

Oke Göttlich (MD , DE)