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Me & My Shadow

politics & society
8 Mai 13:45 - 14:45
60 Minuten


Posting on social media platforms, taking part in political campaigns, reading and buying things online - each action leaves behind data. Some of this data collected on us is simply 'pesky'; annoying but mostly marketing or consumer product driven, but some of it is 'risky'; integrated without our knowledge or vulnerable to misuse. The question is, when do we know which is at play? What are the potential consequences of these 'data shadows' for political participation and freedom of expression in different environments? What steps, if any, do we need to take to understand the traces we are leaving? What can we as users do to change our habits and behaviours and look for alternatives?

This workshop will introduce a Tactical Tech project, "Me and My Shadow" which helps you explore and manage your 'digital shadows' – the traces you leave behind when you use the internet, mobiles phones or act in a world increasingly woven with data trails.