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Hell Yeah, it's Rocket Science! - pushing private space exploration with 30 Million US Dollars

science & technology
7 Mai 17:30 - 18:30
60 Minuten


Founded by scientists and engineers in their spare time, the Part-Time Scientists compete in a new space race towards landing the first private spacecraft on the moon. Will this be the end for missions like Curiosity? Or is this the dawn of a new Space 2.0? Get to know the Part-Time Scientists, their team of rocket scientists, and embark with them and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on a heartful discussion on the future of private space exploration!



The Part-Time Scientists are among the top 5 teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, a new space race towards the moon. The international team of scientists and engineers is based right here in Berlin, Germany, and spent the past three years building the technology to get back to the moon for good. The goal of the competition is to land a rover safely on the surface of the moon and travel a distance of at least 500 meters, over 43 years after man last walked the moon.

In the light of previous incentive prizes like the Orteig prize, which motivated Charles Lindberg to step aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, cross the Atlantic and kickstart the aviation industry, Google intends to provide an incentive for a space sector which is currently mostly influenced by governmental and political decissions. Learn about the challenges the team is facing on its way to the moon and the reasons for teaming up with the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

After a brief presentation of the team and the competition, we will have an open discussion about why Red Bull Stratos, Virgin Galactic and William Shatner naming a moon of pluto are important for the future of space exploration!

The Google Lunar XPRIZE

Google awards up to 30 Million US Dollars to the first private team which lands a rover safely on the surface of the moon, lets it drive at least 500 meters and transmit HD video back to earth. Currently 23 teams, most of them from the United States are competing for the prize purse.


This session is organised in cooperation with DLR German Aerospace Center.