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Embrace the Hate

7 Mai 18:45 - 19:15
30 Minuten


Do you have a grudge against someone? An ex-lover? Your lecherous neighbour? That journalist who always writes those ill-researched articles? That politician who blatantly lies all the time? Or maybe that just that person who kept staring at you when you were just trying to eat your lunch on the bus?

In this workshop, participants can shrug off those jaded ideas about how wrong it is to hate, let alone express it, and participate in a fun workshop scratching their political and personal itches. There will be inspiration on hand - showing how rage, anger and annoyance can be useful - and materials for participants to design a unique postcard addressed to their most hated person or institution.

Whether you post your postcard or leave it in hanging in the Gallery of Catharsis is up to you.

Inspired by Mr Bingo's art project, Hate Mail