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Building a web we can trust

science & technology
6 Mai 16:00 - 16:30
30 Minuten


The Open Internet is our best chance to provide economic and social opportunity for all.  We should ask ourselves how tightly that opportunity is controlled, and how broadly control over this opportunity remains distributed to each of us.

  • • Can companies watch and track and sell all my online activities? What choices do I have if I don´t like how I´m being treated?
  • • Who owns the data that describes me? Can I get it? Can I control it?  Can I move it?
  • • Can I get to the whole Internet, or just the part of it my hardware or software or access provider wants to let me see?

We already have such systems -- broadcast TV, cable TV, the large media and news organizations. The Open Internet brought innovation to all those areas in a very short time. To date the Internet has been exceptional in spreading opportunity very broadly.  It will be a huge loss if  the Internet becomes closed, centralized and controlled by a few or.

We can turn the Internet into a framework for control. If we do that we'll have the most complete surveillance and reporting system the world has yet known.
We can build a world where a few players divide the web into walled gardens that make it difficult to experience the full richness of the Internet.

In each scenario we'll lose stunning possibilities the Open Internet holds for empowering people to improve their own lives.  We'll recreate the model of highly centralized, regulated, controlled systems.

We at Mozilla build products to make the Internet experience great while giving people control over their experience. We call this "user sovereignty." It is a guiding design principle for Firefox, which is open-source and built by a global community of people making use of the opportunity to build a better Internet.

Our planet, and the billions of us, need new tools to solve our problems. We need new ways of thinking. We need the next massive innovation. We need the tools only an Open Internet offers us.