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The Bobs’ Six Winners

7 Mai 17:30 - 18:30
60 Minuten


The six winners of The Bobs - the Deutsche Welle Award for Online Activism - will be announced. Members of the award’s international jury will outline what sets the winners apart when it comes to advocating for a cause online. As The Bobs’ jury will decide what blogs, projects and initiatives to honor just days before rp13, it is impossible to predict which countries will get attention and which individuals will be honored.

Speakers will be: 

  • Hu Yong
  • Shahidul Alam
  • Claire Ulrich
  • Georgia Popplewell


Special Guest: Yoani Sánchez

As part of the presentation, Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez will receive an award for winning The Bobs in 2008 - an award Cuban travel restrictions at the time did not permit her to collect.


This panel is presented in cooperation with Deutsche Welle.