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AfricaHackTrip – Exploring African Tech Communities

science & technology
6 Mai 13:30 - 13:45
15 Minuten


Did you know? In the past 2 years, hundreds of tech hubs have emerged
 all over Africa. 31% of Kenya's GDP is spent through mobile phones, > one of Rwanda's most important government departments is the Ministry
 for Youth & IT, and the Kenyan curriculum is planned to be digitalized  by 2015.

 We, a group of 10 developers, designers and bloggers, from Europe and
 the USA, did not know that. And we consider ourselves pretty well
 connected. That's why we decided to explore  African tech communities
 ourselves in October 2013. And we’ll share our impressions with a
 video documentary.

 Our goal is to kick off a continuous exchange with tech communities in
The goal is to kick of a continuous exchange with tech communities in Africa.