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3D Printing: (How) can we make it a third industrial revolution?

science & technology
8 Mai 10:00 - 11:00
60 Minuten


The promise of a 3D printing revolution has to be proved. To make it a revolution, we have to deal with some uncomfortable questions first.


For some, it is 3D printing. For others, it is open source. For others, it's digitization, or it is the power of networks, or disruption from below. They all are right. For many years now, different kind of people claim that 3D printing will revolutionize our world. But 3D printing is still time consuming and costly. That's why proponents of 3D printing tend to compare the development of 3D printers with the development and distribution of personal computers. Regardless these technical matters, 3D printing raises questions that go far beyond: To what extent is independence of mass production possible? And if, could 3D printing be more sustainable than mass production? Who becomes empowered by 3D printing? How do we deal with the possibility of printing everything without control – which could also include weapons?

We'd like to introduce you to the "third industrial revolution" and discuss them with researchers, journalists and 3D entrepreneurs.